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What is a micro grant?
Each Aylesford parish councillor has an annual budget of £200 for "micro grants" to support worthwhile local causes that will bring a real benefit to the residents in the councillor's ward. Examples of micro grants so far include: equipment for local scouts; goody bags to encourage local children to take part in a communal litter pick; kitchen equipment for community use; equipment for fetes; school bike sheds; habitat development; the Medway Valley Community Rail Partnership; equipment for Brownies; Play School equipment; providing information on flood defence; facilitating community building or socially beneficial events, etc. If you run or help to run a socially beneficial group or organisation and need financial help, then you could ask your local councillor for a micro grant.
The Parish Council is publicaly accountable for micro grants, as it is for all the rest of its spending. This means that applications for micro grants supported by an individual councillor will need to be vetted by the rest of the Council before they can be approved. However, excessively bureacratic and time-consuming applications procedures will be avoided. You can contact your local member through the council office.